Welcome to CustomRaspi – the leading provider of custom Raspberry Pi software configurations. Whether you’re looking to set up a digital signage system, an electronic locking system with RFID, a talk-back/intercom, or a time tracking system, we have got you covered. Our stainless steel casing is designed to accommodate a portrait-oriented touch screen, microphone, and speaker to offer a complete solution for your needs.

We use the latest technology, Feature Oriented Programming (FOP), to create custom firmware images according to your specifications. FOP allows us to create software and firmware that meets your unique requirements while keeping maintainability and reducing double work. All of our firmware images are fully tested, documented, and output language independent, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of programming languages.

At CustomRaspi, we pride ourselves on our experience and expertise in providing kiosk services. We have been working with ZOTAC ZBox MiniATX computers, BeagleBoard, and Pandaboard even before Raspberry Pi came out. We have worked on various projects, including the first commercial kiosk system for an advertisement company based on ZOTAC ZBox and the first multi-screen kiosk system exhibited at CEBIT in 2017. Our commitment to innovation and excellence in kiosk services is unparalleled.

Our service comes with a two-year full warranty and replacement parts and after-life service, ensuring your system runs smoothly without any disruptions. We provide a simple and fast SD card replacement service that allows you to get back up and running quickly in the event of an SD card failure.

Outsource your software and firmware works to us and get a reliable solution that runs on reliable, affordable hardware. Contact us today to get a quote and compare the costs of your home-grown solution to a professional one. Trust CustomRaspi for all your Raspberry Pi software configuration needs.

Videobox / Digital Signage

Play advertisement videos and images in a loop on a dedicated screen.

LED Werbewand in Bautzen

Time Tracking Kiosk

Use RFID sensors and a Kiosk touch screen to let employees track their time at come and leave.

Home Automation

Remote controlled corridor light, camera surveillance, RFID based access control, smart doorbell. Everything is possible.

Order your custom home automation kit from convenient standard components with our custom raspi firmware.

Want to get hands on our stainless steel raspi casings?

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